Black and White Angel Food Cake

So I got this recipe from and it was muy delicioso! Now I didn’t have fresh fruit/cream cheese handy, so I just popped open a container of strawberry yogurt and substituted that in for the glaze, and it was a huge hit! I also have a bipolar oven that has a pension for burning, so I only put the cake in for 45 minutes and it cooked through. That, plus some obsessive compulsive staring at my oven; daring it to ruin my masterpiece. Cha-Ching! Even though it was my family eating it, I trust their judgement on my bakery badassery. This will not disappoint. Although, make sure you have 12 eggs handy because THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU FREAKING NEED! Right? Ridiculous. But worth every scrumptious bite. 


Ta-Ta for now!

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