Smothered Pork Chops with Thyme, Mashed Potato Swirl, Garlicky Green Beans!

BOOM!  I made a freaking culinary masterpiece. Bow down peasants. So I got the pork chop recipe from It was damn delicious. It literally tasted like bacon. I read the reviews and DID add mushrooms to the sauce, and it made it taste 5 BILLION times better. So that ones a keeper. Now the mashed potato swirl was kind of a creation of my own. I had three tiny russet potatoes, three tiny sweet potatoes, and 4 hungry peeps to feed. So I peeled, chopped, boiled, and HAND-MASHED (this is important) together. It was good! Not great, but pretty good. The chunkiness added something authentic to the dish, so I recommend using those biceps. Now the Garlicky Green beans are just your basic green beans, steamed, and just throw in some garlic and onions and mix! VOILA! This recipe took about 1 hour, so enjoy with time:)



Ta ta!


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