Crocking the Pot with Crescents

So I decided to improv the crap out of today’s dinner! I bought some cracked peppercorn pork tenderloin- I would’ve bought the unseasoned kind, but they were all out. Then I went home and popped it straight into the crock pot on high. While the pork was heating up, I chopped up two russet potatoes and one Roma tomato along with 3/4 lb. of green beans. I threw those on the top with some thyme, 2 cups of water, two beef bouillon cubes, a splash of chicken broth and some olive oil. Since I was running a little late on time, I put it on high for 3 hours, than on low for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was delicious! The preseasoned pork was to die for (peppercorn by the way), and with the vegetables it added so much texture. I accidentally bought Jumbo crescent rolls, so I cut them in half and they actually cooked to regular size! Haha well…Bon Appetit!

NO PIC! Sorry, my camera isn’t working:(

Ta Ta!


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