Chicken Tamale Casserole with some Badass Salad

So I decided to Mexicanize our dinner tonight with a little casserole spin. Thank you for giving me that opportunity! I found this and automatically had to try it. Why? BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE TAMALES. Judge me. I dare you. This was really good, although I do have some minor-okay maybe major- alterations. I did not have any enchilada sauce or green chile peppers on hand, so I quickly made some enchilada sauce (this was delicious) thanks to . I did half that ^ recipe though and it was great! And in substitute for the green chile peppers, I added half a chopped roma tomato, half a can of Original Rotel, and half a chopped green bell pepper. I also hate creamed corn and just put in a bag of thawed corn. Now, my family is big on the crunch of all foods, so the fact that this was soft cornbread friendly food, didn’t go over as well. They all loved the taste, but recommended some corn tortillas on the redo. I agree that it would taste good with corn tortillas, yet I also very much enjoyed the cornbread Original version. For a quick side note try Dole’s Southwest Style Salad Mix for some vegetable badassery. 





Ta Ta!


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